A Closer Look at the Nutrisystem Diet Program


A Closer Look at the Nutrisystem Diet Program

If you are looking for an easy and cost effective weight loss program, the Nutrisystem diet program may be the answer. Nutrisystem has been a trusted name in dieting for forty years, with plans “designed to help you lose weight and keep it off”.

What makes the Nutrisystem diet so successful? All meals are carefully planned, prepared and delivered to your door. This weight loss program takes the guesswork out of which foods are healthy, low in calories and meet your particular dietary needs. Simply choose from a wide variety of tasty and interesting diet plan options, structured to keep you on track and in control for sustainable long-term weight loss.

Nutrisystem Basics

All Nutrisystem foods are nutritionally balanced, low in saturated fats, sodium and contain a low Glycemic Index, which measures carbohydrates and their effect on blood sugar levels. As a standard, each diet plan delivers foods that are high in heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids in addition to the proper amounts of fiber and protein.

A Closer Look at the Nutrisystem Diet Program

Conveniently choose from hundreds of readymade meals and snacks to help you maintain interest by accessing the Nutrisystem website or ordering by phone. Each plan includes five portion-controlled meals per day, which may include your favorite foods and sweets, to help curb food cravings between meals. Simply take your pre-packed meal and drop it in the microwave or add some of the recommended fresh fruits, vegetables and salads to your plate.

Individual Nutrisystem Plans

The range of plans offered is individually suited for the nutritional needs of men, women, diabetics as well as vegetarians. Each plan contains meals, protein drinks and snacks of your choosing. Some plans are designed for use five days per week for more flexibility, while others offer a 28-day diet plan by the book; transition and maintenance plans are provided for post weight loss success.

Costs vary dependent on the individual plan and discounts available, which may include free shipping with auto-delivery. Nutrisystem offers an online 13-week behavioral guide to help plan participants understand how to control eating habits and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, online access to health information as well as tracking tools and community support is also available. Free online classes and full support are included in the cost for help with problems within the first few days of the program along with any further questions, whilst using Nutrisystem coupons can further save money for the dieter.


  • Structured and well designed programs that take the guesswork out of dieting
  • Wide variety of plans that include healthy meals and snacks for a range of nutritional needs
  • Simple, fast and convenient pre-packaged meals delivered to your door
  • Provides balanced nutrition and promotes gradual weight loss for sustainability
  • A well known name you can trust with proven success


  • The packaged meals are complete, but may be smaller than most people are accustomed to
  • Does not provide guidance about how to prepare your own nutritious and low calorie meals

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