Lose Weight Sensibly


Losing weight

Losing weight and improving your overall health and fitness is no overnight event. It takes time, effort and dedication. If you’re serious about altering your body shape and your level of fitness, forget about projecting an image of the new, slimmer you four weeks down the line.

Whilst it’s fair to say that there’s some mileage in going out and investing in certain pieces of gym equipment (ab belts and similar spring to mind) they should only be used as an additional piece of equipment, rather than the only equipment.

For the uninformed, read the contour belt review, which will help you to understand the pros and cons. It’s honest and ‘real’, and says what it needs to say – this type of equipment is good if you’re also willing to do most of the hard work yourself.

Having been overweight and unfit for most of my adult life, I can vouch for approaching weight loss from a sensible perspective. Believe it or not I used the old fashioned method – I counted calories!

Lose Weight Sensibly

I made sure that I understood calorific content of base food groups, and was helped along by the fact that food packaging now includes all the details (relating to the different nutrients etc, and their values) that you really need to know before you decide whether or not to consume something:

– carbohydrates
– sugar
– salt
– fiber
– fat
– vitamins
– calories per ‘x’ amount or weight

The above are all worth looking at (or ‘checking out’) if you’re on a healthy eating program, even if it is self-imposed like mine was. Having gained a fair level of knowledge, I set myself a daily calorie level (a sensible one) and aimed for 1 to 2 pounds a week weight loss.

Lose Weight Sensibly

I also started walking, gently at first. Within a few weeks I had got up to two mile walks five days a week, always walking at a fast enough pace to up my heart rate. From there I got to 3.5 mile hill walks, 5 days over 7, week in, week out.

It took me 5 months to lose 44lbs – as well as tone up and improve my fitness overall. These days I maintain the weight loss. I still walk, take care of what I eat, and also swim once a week and attend a cardio dance class on Fridays – and still walk every chance I get. Take it from someone who’s been there – you can do it!

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