The Best Kept Secret To Losing Weight Fast Is To Simplydo Nothing


The best kept secret – Weight loss plan

The best kept secret to achieving real results in your weight loss plan is to sit or lie down in quiet space, pick a time when you will not be interrupted, take the phone off the hook, put your feet up, take a few deep breaths and chill out. Sound easy you’ll be surprised how difficult it can be to quieten your mind. Do not worry because everything comes with practice.

The Best Kept Secret To Losing Weight Fast Is To Simplydo Nothing
I know what you are how I can possibly lose weight with my feet up as this is the reason why I am in the state that I am in. Well the secret to all success lies in your mind, if you have the right belief systems you can achieve anything. Think, how many times have you told yourself that you can do something, you say it with vigor, tell your friends, announce it to the world and the little voice in the back of your head says, no you can’t. Ah come on, you said that last time, we both know your full of BS.

We’ll there lies the problem and the road block we need to navigate around to achieve our goal weight and I am here to tell you that it is simple. While you are quiet start visualizing that you are all ready there, try and work out how you will know when you have achieved this.

Would it be you are standing on your bathroom scales and as you look down the needle is pointing exactly to your goal weight.

Is it trying on and purchasing those designer jeans that you have always wanted.

Is it going to a cocktail party in the little black dressnumber that you wore a few years back.

Is it seeing the look of jealousy from an old flame?

Whatever it is visualize it has all ready happened that you are actually in thatpoint in time, think how great it would feel, sense your emotions, and hear the sounds, smell and touch to heighten the feeling. If you are not sure how to do this all you need to do is to close your eyes and day dream. Once you have finished you will feel relaxed and happy and ready to take on the world again.

Where is all this heading you may question, well if you do this everyday you will change your mindset and silence that inner critique that is holding you back once and for all? Visualizing will not get rid of the fat, you will still need to get out there and work your tail off, consuming the right types of food and be consistent.

What is going to happen is that once you truly believe you can do it, you will, your new way of thinking will literally propel you towards your goals. You will find yourself out there doing it and not even realizing that you had even got started. The real kicker is that when we know that we can do something we will because the end result is tangible.

I recommend that you try it for three weeks and the results will speak for themselves. I like to practice whenever I can. A good idea is to do it as you wake up before getting out of bed. Once or twice during the day and defiantly as you are falling asleep. People this is the one sure fire way to success, try it you will be amazed and will soon be spilling the beans this secret to all of your friends.

I would be letting you down if I did not tell you that you can apply this to anything in your life, whether it is a promotion you seek, improving your golf or even being happier in life this will work for you.

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